A lifecoach in your pocket.


Sociidot gives people tiny actions daily to get to their goals.


8 months from napkin sketch to launch

Tech stack

NATIVE IOS, Custom CMS in python, Javascript


3 Engineers
1 Designer


Sociidot Screens

Sociidot was the first lifecoach app in the app store and took a different approach on how to help people reach their goals.


All screens in detail

Design process

An iterative design process

The design process went through multiple iterations. The first version had too many screens and the design made it seem that the roadmaps were difficult to follow. After user testing and several releases the design was changed to be the smallest amount of screens possible. Additionally, when the app was first launched users could create their own roadmaps but after seeing users drop off the app was changed to only have prexisting roadmaps for purchase.


The details
The onboarding process for the app.

First screen

Introducing the user to the concept.


Explaining how to use roadmaps and what they are.


Introducing the experts in the app.


Showing users what actions are.

onboarding & CMS

Infrastructure design for onboarding experts



App icons and marketing materials.
Marketing design

Experts promoting to their audiences.

One of the most successful marketing plays used by Sociidot was getting experts to market to their own audience. Each expert got a marketing playbook with pre-written blog post, images for social media and videos created for them.
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