Getting to the "right"

A few things...

Designers are problem solvers. They delve into needs and figure out a way to solve through design. A few things I’ve learnt along the way on how to create a better process and end up with “better” design.

Extreme collaboration

Bring in all stakeholders and lead engineers to vision meetings, design reviews, and product updates.

Communication standards

Set communication processes for team leads. On how to write up stories for the design team and how to approve work etc. This will help avoid hours spent on gathering requirements.

Sharing is caring

Share knowledge and research. It will help all stakeholders understand more about the user behavior and product. Hold “Studio Nights” - where all employees can see designs and add ideas and give feedback.


Set up tools and ways designers can upgrade their skills. Experimental practices and user research processes are constantly being refined. Listening, observation and communication skills can all be improved upon.


Everyone on the design team and stakeholders can have sessions where everyone has the same role and co-creates instead of discusses. This can move projects forward much faster than discussions.

Company workshops

Design can and should help the business strategy. Create workshops for the company to show how design should influence strategy.

Requirements gathering

Designers should be part of the requirements process gathering - they may have insights that engineering and PM's may not see.

Design is not just aesthetics

Design should be end-to-end from needs > functionality > visual > branding. Look at design as a system rather than a layer that goes on top of existing components.